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Collate HOTOSM Tasking manager projects

Welcome to the new and slightly imporved instance of the HOT Activation Overview tool. You’re in the right place as this application has been moved here and is now developed under the project name hotosm-collate. The previous version will no longer receive updates and will be eventually taken down.

Do you have broke links?

If you have saved links to search results in the previous version, I recommend you change them to point to this instance.

The old now outdate revision of this software was hosted at:

The new revision (which you are using here now) is hosted at:

To fix your links, just exchange that part of the url, and keep the search parameters as they are. The search parameters are everythin after the first ? in the url, such as ?textSearch=.... Or you can just make the same search in this new instance, and copy the url from you browser.